Field News

For Youth Camping Session 2:

Updated Aug 4 (same locations as last week):

Blue Crew  is on their second straight week of backcountry work in the Steens Wilderness! The crew made a rugged cross country hike into a picturesque gorge and are hard at work restoring and rehabilitating a trail that has been overgrown. It took the crew less than a week to adapt to their new backcountry lifestyle and are loving every minute of it as they continue to leave their legacy on this impressive wilderness. 


Yellow Crew is onto a new project working on the trail systems in the Payette National Forest outside of McCall. There is a lot of work to be done on these extensive trail systems and Yellow Crew is eager to get to work refining their mountain bike trail building skill in the mountains after their week at Craters. We are excited for the work they are going to accomplish! 


BLP, or Red Crew, continues to set the standard for how we run our programs. After a fantastic first week of refining their 'trail eye' and getting some serious work accomplished the crew is headed into the backcountry where they will be based for the duration of their season. BLP is leading the way for the work done in the McCall area and they will be working and packing themselves further into the backcountry as they continue to accomplish their goals at an impressive pace. 


Field Updates will be posted every Monday.

Somewhere in the scenic wilderness your youth will be making new friends and contributing to important conservation projects. Whether they are clearing brush, rehabilitating forests, or building new trails, they are on an adventure of a lifetime.