Field News

For Youth Camping Session One:

Updated July 7:

Red Crew and Yellow Crew are on week 2 in the Fremont-Winema National Forest in Oregon where they continue to be maintaining a variety of different trails.  Some rough winters had left these trails  nearly impassable, thanks to the hard work of the crews, they are open for hikers and equestrians to enjoy.


Orange  is partnering with the Boise National Forest to construct buck and pole fencing to help restore and protect wetlands.  Orange is enjoying their last week together as a crew camped in a beautiful valley, surrounded by the plants and wildlife they are helping protect.


Blue is in the Idaho Panhandle working on a number of invasive species projects.  Continuing their work from last week, the crews have removed  noxious weeds from over 10 acres of riparian areas, riversides, and fields so far.


Field Updates will be posted every Monday.


Somewhere in the scenic wilderness your youth will be making new friends and contributing to important conservation projects. Whether they are clearing brush, rehabilitating forests, or building new trails, they are on an adventure of a lifetime.