Field News

Somewhere in the scenic wilderness your youth will be making new friends and contributing to important conservation projects. Whether they are clearing brush, rehabilitating forests, or building new trails, they are on an adventure of a lifetime. 

Our Field News page lets you know what each crew is doing, where they are, and when the next Parent Weekend is. We update this page every Friday afternoon with the latest news from the field.

We understand that not knowing the exact locations of Parent Weekend Sites until a short time before hand is not great for planning purposes but getting a place to host these sites for up to 100 people in remote locations  is a challenge and locations often change right up until the day before. 


Frequently Asked Questions about Field News:

Where can I find pictures after the session is over?

When is Field News updated?

What should I do if I have not seen an update for the week?

What are Parent Weekend Sites?

When are Parent Weekend Sites?

Where are the directions for Parent Weekend Sites?

Is there a chance that a Parent Weekend Site may change last minute and why?

May I visit my youth on a non Parent Weekend?


When is Field News updated? Field New Updates are updated every Friday in the early afternoon after 12 and before 5pm.  

What should I do if I have not seen an update for the week?  For online use: first click the REFRESH button.  Often times internet browsers do not automatically download recent information - by clicking on REFRESH it will allow your computer to get the most up to date information.

If it is late afternoon and you still have not seen any updates - you may call us at (541) 349-5055.  Please call only if it is urgent - so we can make sure to keep the phone lines open for people who need our immediate assistance.

What are Parent Weekend Sites? Parent Weekend Sites are an excellent opportunity for parents to get to know their son’s or daughter’s crew and the leadership team. Please take some time to visit with the participants, but refrain from removing your son or daughter from the weekend site location. In anticipation of visiting parents we send out extra food for our Saturday dinner, however, if you would like to bring a dish to pass, please bring items that provide the nourishment that the corpsmembers need to work hard and stay healthy while out in the woods. Fresh vegetables and fruits are always welcome. Lastly, please bring your own plate and silverware.

During parents’ visits we ask that parents adhere to the NYC guidelines for creating a community that is safe, peaceful, law abiding and consistent with our efforts to provide a meaningful outdoor experience. Please help us by not smoking, cursing, camping illegally on-site, playing music from your car stereo or lending cell phones to the corps members. Instead spend your time talking, playing and laughing as we do during our 5 week wilderness experience.

When are Parent Weekend Sites?  Parent Weekend Site vary from crew to crew & side to side, but they are normally the second and third weekend of the session.  Visitors to the NYC camp should arrive at 4:00 PM on Saturday or later as the crews are on their weekend recreation trips until 4:00.  Dinner is usually around 6:30 PM and the evening concludes around 9:00 PM.

Where are the directions for Parent Weekend Sites? Parent Weekend Site directions are posted on each sides' Field News.  Locations CAN and WILL CHANGE last minute for reasons outside of our control, so please make sure to check online before leaving for the site.

Is there a chance that a Parent Weekend Site may change last minute and why? In many instances the sites we use for weekends will also be used for Forest Service personnel to stage fire, evacuation, or search and rescue operations. In these instances their emergency situations will prevail and we will be forced to find alternate facilities.  Please make sure to check the Parent Page Field News for the most up to date information or call our office M - F 8 am to  5 pm PST.

The most current and detailed information available on wildfires can be found by clicking on the link below.

May I visit my youth on a non-Parent Weekend?   We love to share the ICC experience with family and friends at Parent weekends, but we reserve only the second and third weekends (depending on the program) for parents and family. We have found that our first field weekend site, it is important to focus on community building with just the 40 participants, and the last field weekend is devoted to a celebration of the program accomplishments to help bring closure to the ICC experience.  For these reasons, we ask parents not to visit on the first and last field weekends.