Field News

For Youth Camping Session 1:

Updated June. 28 2022

Red Crew:

Red Crew is staying in Oregon, but moving back east to a beautiful area along Paulina Creek, on BLM land on outside of Prineville, OR.  For their next project, they will be installing a wildlife fence that will protect a wetland, improving its water quality and protecting the plants in the wetland from livestock grazing and trampling.  The crew made a short stop in the area on their way over to Springfield, and they are excited to go back and explore some new spots.


Orange Crew:

Orange Crew (BLP)is continuing on with their trail work in the Frank Church Wilderness of No Return for a couple more days.  They’ve been working a long hitch and are coming up on almost an entire week off!  The crew is going to spend their well-earned time off backpacking and exploring the wilderness area where they have been working so hard.  They are still out of cell-phone range, but the crew leaders have been checking in daily with their Garmin beacon, indicating their location and that “all is well.”


Blue Crew:

Blue Crew has wrapped up their work at Albeni Falls and made the short trek over to the Clark Fork delta for their next project.  The delta is a unique, wetland ecosystem, located where the Clark Fork River empties into Lake Pend Oreille.  The crew will be working with Idaho Fish and Game, planting native plants that are specially adapted to this watery environment.  They will be camping near the small town of Hope, ID.


Yellow Crew:

Yellow Crew has taken over a project that Blue Crew was working on for several weeks.  They’re working on land managed by the Army Corps of Engineers and camping near Albeni Falls Dam on the Pend Oreille River.  Their work includes removing noxious weed and invasive species in order to improve habitat conditions for native plants and animals.  They are also clearing away brush to reduce the risk of wildfires, using hand-held tools such as loppers, hand saws and string trimmers.